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Satyanarayan Panigrahi

Contact Address:

Dr. Satyanarayan Panigrahi
Room 1A01
Department of Agricultural & Bioresource Engineering
57 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 5A9, Canada
Ph: (306) 966-5312

Fax: (306) 966-5334
Personal Wesite:
Education and Experience:
B.Sc. - Utkal University, India
LLB - Utkal University, India
M.Sc. - University of Saskatchewan, Canada
M.Sc. Eng. - SALI, Ukraine
PhD Eng.Sc. - SALI, Ukraine

Specialization: SFARR Research Chair in Agricultural Material Utilization and Bioprocessing, Research interest: Dr. Panigrahi's research interests lie in the areas of bioprocess engineering, added-value processing of plant and forest products, natural fiber processing, bio composite, biomass and bioenergy from renewable resources, up-gradation of biomass-derived oils to produce synthesis gas and medium to high heating value gas, pyrolysis and gasification of polymer and agricultural waste products to valuable fuels.

Current and Past Projects:
Manufacturing of bio-composite for plastic industry: The Bio processing group, a division of the department of Agricultural and Bio resource engineering of University of Saskatchewan, performs research and development on processing of agricultural fiber (flax, hemp) polymer composites in order to optimize their performance through modification of their microstructure in plastic industries. Long-term durability, light in weight, environmental friendly bio-composites has a great potential for the utilization of agro fiber in plastics industries worldwide. Saty's involve the investigation of the treatment process of the fibers and develop the thermoplastic processing composite parameters for the production of bio-composite by using extensive and unique experimental and analytical techniques.

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