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The information contained here is of interest to currently registered graduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


Advisory Committees

All M.Sc. and Ph.D. students have an Advisory Committee consisting of their supervisor(s) and at least two other faculty members.  The Advisory Committee regularly evaluates the student's progress by meeting at least once yearly.  A graduate studentís Advisory Committee is typically formed (but does not necessarily have to meet) by the end of their first term of registration.


M.Sc. Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee for a M.Sc. student consists of three members: Chair, Supervisor, and Member.  The Chair participates as a regular member of the Advisory Committee but cannot be the studentís supervisor or co-supervisor. 


The first meeting of a M.Sc. studentís Advisory Committee would normally take place within the first 8 to 12 months of their program. Typically, the student submits a written report to the Advisory Committee at least one week before the meeting; the report would give background and other details related to the proposed research project and methodology. At the meeting, the student gives a brief presentation on their research proposal. This is followed by questions from the committee members.


The second meeting of a M.Sc. studentís Advisory Committee would normally be a pre-defence meeting to approve the form and content of the thesis and to assist with the selection of an external examiner.

The above structure represents the minimum number of meetings only. Any member of the Advisory Committee, as well as the student, can request a meeting of the Advisory Committee at another date. In some cases, for example, an extra meeting may be needed to review a studentís progress in a specific aspect of their research.


Ph.D. Advisory Committee

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Graduate Students' Association (GSA)

Graduate Students' Association (GSA)
Laboratory Safety Course

All graduate students in the department must successfully complete the Laboratory Safety Course offered by the Department of Health, Safety & Environment (DHSE) prior to engaging in any research or teaching assistant duties.  Students must complete the safety course within their first term of enrolment in the department.  Upon completing the course, students must bring their certificates to the Graduate Secretary so that a photocopy can be included in their file.  Completion of the safety course will be added to the minutes of the studentís next Advisory Committee meeting.


Department of Health, Safety & Environment (DHSE)

DHSE Course Registration


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