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A number of the Transportation Research Centre publications are now available for download. These files can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format.


Cold in Place Rock Crushing and Stabilization of Northern Low Volume Road: A Case Study
Curtis Berthelot, Ron Gerbrandt, Larry Safronetz, Gordon Sparks; January 2001

Application of Ground Penetrating Radar for Cold-in-Place Recycling Road Systems
Curtis Berthelot, Tom Scullion, Ron Gerbrandt, Larry Safronetz, July 2001

Automated Vehicle Monitoring and Audit System for Administering Partnership Haul Agreements
Curtis Berthelot, Angela Lang, Brian Taylor, Randy Hanson, 2001

Oregon Green Light: A Networked Pre-Clearance Weigh Station Case Study
Randal Thomas, Chris Bell, Derek Trischuk, Curtis Berthelot, 2001

Effect of Cold-In-Place Recycling on the Heavyweight Trucking Industry
Ron Gerbrandt, Tim Makahoniuk, Cathy Lynn Barbely, Curtis Berthelot; 2000

Saskatchewan Rural Partnership Haul Program Case Study
Angela Lang, Curtis Berthelot, Norm Burns, Randy Hanson, 2001

Cold-In-Place Recycling using Asphalt Emulsion for Stabilization of Saskatchewan Low Volume Roads
Derek Baker, Owen Wourms, Curtis Berthelot, Ron Gerbrandt, 2000

The Importance of Commercial Vehicle Weight Enforcement safety and Road Test Management
Brian Taylor, Dr. Art Bergan, Norm Lindgren, Curtis Berthelot, January 2000

Photo Weigh-in-Motion: Concepts and Applications
Ron Koenderink, Shari Dunlop, Curtis Berthelot, 2000

Full Depth Cold-in-Place Recycling/Stabilization for Low Volume Road Strengthening: A Case Study on Highway 19-06
Curis Berthelot, Ron Gerbrandt, Derek , Baker, 2000

Mechanistic-Empirical Load Equivalencies Using Weigh in Motion
Curtis Berthelot, Tanya Loewen, Brian Taylor, 2000

Mechanistic Quality Control/Quality Assurance Evaluation of Saskatchewan Specific Pavement Studies-9A Asphalt Mixes
Curtis Berthelot, Bill Crockford, Stella White, Gordon Sparks

Mechanistic Probabilistic Vehicle Operating Cost Model
Curtis Berthelot, Gordon Sparks, Terry Blomme, Lyle Kajner, Mark Nickeson

Transportation Partnerships using an Automated Vehicle Monitoring and Audit System
Curtis Berthelot, Angela Lang, Brian Taylor, Norm Burns

Comparison of Alternative Test Methods for Predicting Asphalt Concrete Rut Performance
Curtis Berthelot, Bill Crockford, Robert Lytton, 1999